CRC Contacts

Name Position Phone
Akins Amanda Adjunct: Education 870-236-6901
Akins Chase Adjunct: Bible 870-236-6901
Allen Leslie Adjunct: English - Online 870-236-6901
Barnett Kim Assistant Professor, Education; Field Exp. Supervisor 870-236-6901 x147
Brown Kourtney Head JV Softball Coach; Asst Coach Volleyball & Softball, Intramural Dir 870-236-6901 x137
Brown Liz Accountant 870-236-6901 x148
Butler Catherine Instructor, Natural Sciences & Math 870-236-6901 x152
Camp Brenden Head Coach, Baseball and Golf 870-236-6901
Childs Bryson Admissions Representative 870-236-6901 x141
Clothier Tye Coach; Womens Bball; Strength & Conditioning 870-236-6901 x128
Coats Heather Asst Professor, Education; Education, Dir of Distance Learning Chair 870-236-6901 x124
Cooper Quin Mens Basketball Asst Coach; JV Men's Basketball Head Coach 870-236-6901 x122
Drake Bill Adjunct: Art 870-236-6901
Ellis Fred Winters Dorm Parent 870-236-6901
Ellis Marylyn Winters Dorm Parent 870-236-6901 x162
Ewing Erica SID; Dir. Of Student Life 870-236-6901 x164
Farley Mark Adjunct: Business - Online 870-236-6901
Ferguson Denia Wilson Dorm Parent 870-236-6901
Ferguson Robert Wilson Dorm Parent 870-236-6901 x161
Foust Frank Adjunct: Sociology 870-236-6901
Godfrey Angela Adjunct: English 870-236-6901 x125
Goff David Director of Student Financial Services 870-236-6901 x119
Hale Ricky Assoc Professor, Bible & Music; Bible Dept. Chair 870-236-6901 x121
Hill Rebecca Adjunct: History - Online 870-236-6901
Hoppe Ken President 870-236-6901 x111
Hughes Chris Director of Admissions 870-236-6901 x114
Johns Lance Maintenance - Buildings 870-236-6901
Johnson Andrea Executive Administrative Assistant; Public Info Coord 870-236-6901 x112
Johnson Larry IT Administrator 870-236-6901 x138
Johnson Richard Vice President for Advancement 870-236-6901 x116
Johnson Sonia Business Office Manager 870-236-6901 x113
Malone Jordan Head Softball Coach, Asst Women's Basketball Coach 870-236-6901 x134
Malone Tray Assistant Baseball Coach; JV Baseball Head Coach 870-236-6901 x135
McEuen Rick Asst. Professor, Business 870-236-6901 x149
McFadden Paul Athletic Director; Campus Minister 870-236-6901 x115
Mitchell Tereasa Food Services Director 870-236-6901 x144
Newberry Ron Adjunct: Bible 870-236-6901
Nolen Tiffany Adjunct: Art 870-236-6901
Pangborn Bill Maintenance - Campus & Transportation 870-236-6901
Perkins Chris Mens Basketball Coach; Instructor, Speech & PE 870-236-6901 x131
Perkins Dalea Adjunct: Education 870-236-6901
Pillow Karen Administrative Asst; Yearbook Advisor 870-236-6901 x110
Rice Angela Adjunct: Business (law emphasis) 870-236-6901
Smith Art Vice President for Student Affairs; Assoc Professor, Bible 870-236-6901 x118
Summitt Marta Assistant Professor, Business 870-236-6901 x127
Warnick Mark Director of the Learning Center; Asst Professor, Bible 870-236-6901 x139
Watson Darah Assistant Professor, English & Developmental Program 870-236-6901 x145
Watson Rick Adjunct: Physical Education 870-236-6901
Wheeler Barry Assoc Professor; Dept Chair HPEW; Volleyball Head Coach 870-236-6901 x132
Wilkerson Phil Assoc Professor, History; Soc Science & Human Behavior, Chair 870-236-6901 x120
Wilkerson Shelia Janitorial Services 870-236-6901
Woodward Larry Associate Professor, Business; Chair, Business & Technology 870-236-6901 x146