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The CRC Learning Center and Computer Lab is designed to make access to information for personal and scholastic use as easy as possible. The Learning Center is composed of two areas: the library stacks (including the Reading Room, Bible Room and Foyer) and computers (in the reading room and the Learning Center computer lab.)

The mission of the Learning Center is to provide materials online and in the stacks to support CRC’s curriculum offerings and for student and faculty research and writing. The Learning Center has access to over 17,000 hardcover volumes in our stack collection and over 200,000 digital volumes (e-Books). We also provide access to hundreds of thousands of articles, images, video and music files via a collection of electronic databases.

Students are expected to follow College guidelines as well as to conduct themselves in a manner conducive to a learning environment when in the Learning Center. Food and drinks are allowed in the Learning Center. This is a privilege not a right. Students and patrons will be held responsible for damage that may result from carelessness and will be expected to clean up after themselves. Food is not allowed near computers.


Library Hours:

Mon. 8am-10pm

Tue. 8am-10pm

Wed. 8am-5pm

Thu. 8am-9pm

Fri. 8am-9pm

Sat. 1-5pm

Sun. closed

If you have questions or comments, please direct them to: library@crc.edu

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Learning Center Director:

Mark Warnick


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