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The CRC Learning Center is designed to make access to information for personal and academic use as convenient and efficient as possible. The Learning Center is composed of two areas: the library stacks (including the reading rooms, Bible room, and foyer) and the computer lab.

Materials are provide in physical and digital formats. The Learning Center provides access to over 17,000 hardcover volumes in our stack collection and over 200,000 digital volumes (e-Books). We also provide access to over a million articles, images, video and music files via our collections of electronic databases.

Food and drinks are allowed in the Learning Center reading area to facilitate a casual and relaxed environment conducive to study but note, food and drinks are not allowed in the computer lab.

The library’s operating hours are posted in the header banner on each page of the library’s web site.

The Learning Center currently employees only one full-time librarian. In keeping with accrediting requirements, this librarian possesses the Masters in Library and Information Sciences degree from a American Library Association approved university and should be able to assist you with all your information needs.

Questions or comments about the mission of the Learning Center or any of our policies can be directed to:

Mark Warnick, Director of the Learner Center

Ph: 870-236-6901 / ext. 139



The Learning Center is here.

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Learning Center Director:

Mark Warnick

Ph: 870-236-6901 / ext. 139

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