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The mission of the Learning Center is to support the educational goals of Crowley’s Ridge College by providing access to a wide array of informational resources, accessible in physical and digital formats, as well as instruction in information literacy skills, and provide space for learning.

In the pursuit of this mission, the Learning Center is guided by the professional ethics and values communicated through the American Library Association Code of Ethics and the Association of College and Research Libraries’ Standards for Libraries in Higher Education. These values include…

  1. A commitment to excellence in services provided
  2. A commitment to full access to all resources by all students and faculty
  3. A commitment to the principles and practice of intellectual freedom, including rights of privacy in information seeking
  4. A commitment to the property rights of authors and publishers

The Learning Center is also committed to the Christian values of Crowley’s Ridge College and its supporters. These values are reflected in the Learning Center’s policies, particularly in its collection and Internet use policies.

The Learning Center, as a support resource for academic learning, especially values intellectual. As such, we do not endorse every idea or every resource we provide but we do believe in the necessity to provide credible resources that present varying and even opposing viewpoints for the sake of developing skills in critical thinking and exposure to the full expression of ideas essential to a higher education.

Questions or comments about the mission of the Learning Center or any of our policies can be directed to:

Mark Warnick, Director of the Learning Center

Ph: 870-236-6901 / ext. 139



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Learning Center Director:

Mark Warnick

Ph: 870-236-6901 / ext. 139

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