CRC Partners with Classic Learning Test (CLT)

Crowley’s Ridge College has partnered with the Classic Learning Test (CLT).

The Classic Learning Test (CLT) may be newer to the college entrance exam world, but it has quickly become more and more accepted as an entrance exam for college and university admissions offices along with the standard SAT and ACT exams. As a new partner, CRC recognizes the CLT as an acceptable entrance exam for admissions.  

“We are excited to announce CRC’s partnership with the Classic Learning Test (CLT) and we believe it is an important addition to our admissions process as we search for future Pioneers to add to our CRC family,” says Dean of Students Erica Richardson, “It is clear that CRC and CLT have similar missions as we strive forward in Christian higher education and emphasize spiritual growth, service, critical thinking, and scholarship for our students and the work of God’s Kingdom.”

The CLT takes approximately two hours to complete and assesses verbal and quantitative reasoning and grammar/writing. Scores are received within 10 business days and are instantly shareable with any number of colleges and universities at no cost. Students who take the CLT are also eligible for academic scholarships at partnering colleges, including CRC. 

For more information, contact CRC’s Office of Admissions at or by calling (870) 236-6901.

For more information about CLT, visit