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We know you have goals and ambitions that set you apart from others. We want to help you reach them. Admission into Crowley’s Ridge College begins your journey in the classroom, where you explore the academic, the spiritual, and the social, which prepares you for your journey into the world. When you graduate, a Crowley’s Ridge College diploma isn’t just some cardstock to hang up; it’s a testament to your choice to be a different kind of student—a Pioneer. 


You belong with a vibrant community of Christ-centered learners. That's exactly what Crowley's Ridge College is. From amazing academic programs, excellent sports teams, and fun extracurricular opportunities, CRC has it all right here for you. We're ready to help you forge your path to academic and spiritual success at Crowley's Ridge College.

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What Makes a Pioneer?

Our admissions process centers on identifying students who are looking to inspire and be inspired during their college years and beyond.

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Tuition and Financial Aid

Crowley's Ridge College offers competitive tuition rates, financial aid, and scholarship opportunities to make the cost of college affordable.

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Prospective Freshmen

If you're applying as a college freshman, this page has all the information you need to get started. Click on the learn more button to get started.

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Crowley's Ridge College happily accepts transfer students based on our admission requirements and transfer policies. Click below to learn how.

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Our academic divisions include Arts and Sciences, Biblical Studies, Teacher Education, and Business. Click below to learn more.

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With our forthcoming online learning option, you will be able to earn a Crowley's Ridge College education at a distance. Discover how below.

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Crowley's Ridge College is a proud NAIA member and offers a range of athletic opportunities for students. Visit our Pioneers site to learn more.

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Concurrent Enrollment

We have partnered with high schools to give eligible students the chance to earn college credits while completing their high school education.

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What's Next?

Learn more about Crowley’s Ridge College and how you can thrive here!