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At Crowley’s Ridge College, we have a mission to promote academic and spiritual growth in every student. The Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies is our degree program that gets to the heart of our mission.

The degree program and concurrent minors are designed to equip aspiring students to be spiritual leaders in the Kingdom of Christ and society through ministering in and outside of church settings. Students enrolled in the Biblical Studies major also gain a better understanding of the theme and flow of Scripture, while developing the skills to analyze and interpret Biblical passages.

The curriculum includes opportunities to master core competencies through a mixture of coursework and practical experiences and to work closely with faculty and staff to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to launch their careers in ministry. Students also graduate with the skill to properly apply the scripture to various cultures, while holding true to Christian doctrine in the scope of the heritages of churches of Christ.

Students enrolled in the Biblical Studies program can choose to concentrate in one of three areas:

1. New Testament Greek: This concentration prepares students for graduate education and for broadening their scope of knowledge in the interplay of language, which supports roles in preaching, teaching, and evangelizing.

2. Christian Leadership and Management: This concentration prepares students for church administration, Christian management, non-profit management, and more.

3. Youth and Family Ministry: This concentration prepares students for children’s ministry, youth ministry, and different types of family ministries. 

Students not majoring in the Biblical Studies can also advance their Biblical foundation by pursuing a Minor in Biblical Studies or pursue the Biblical Studies division and the business division’s  joint Minor in Christian Leadership & Management. Students can also pursue any of the other minors offered at CRC.

The leadership opportunities which I had at CRC led me to being a more confident leader while I was in China, and the Bible knowledge which I had been taught imparted to me the ability to share it with others. During hard times, I knew my supporters, friends, and church family were all praying for me, and that was a comfort beyond what I can explain.
Amanda Broom
(B.A., Biblical Studies '17)




How Do I Earn a B.A. in Biblical Studies?

For a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Studies students must:

– Earn a minimum of 120 Academic Credits

– Fulfill all General Education requirements (42 hours)

– Fulfill all Major requirements (40 hours)

– Fulfill all Concentration requirements based on the student’s declared concentration (14-15 hours)

– Fulfill all Elective requirements (23-24 Hours)

– Attend two lectureships at Freed-Hardiman University, a Restoration Tour, and the Spring CRC lectureship each year

– Maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 in all general education courses and a 2.5 on all Bible-related coursework

Humanities and Fine Arts (18 hours)

ENG 113   Freshman Composition I (3 hours)

ENG 123   Freshman Composition II (3 hours)

ENG 213 or ENG 223   Masterpieces of World Literature I or II (3 hours)

CMM 133   Introduction to Human Communication (3 hours)

One of the following (3 hours):

ART 113   Art Appreciation (3 hours)

MUS 213   Music Appreciation (3 hours)

DRM 213   Introduction to Theatre (3 hours)

CIS 243   Microcomputer Applications (3 hours)

Social Science and Human Behavior (15 hours)

One of the following (3 hours):

HST 213   Western Civilization to 1500 (3 hours)

HST 223   Western Civilization Since 1500 (3 hours)

One of the following (3 hours):

HST 113   U.S. to 1876 (3 hours)

HST 123   U.S. Since 1876 (3 hours)

PSC 113   American National Government (3 hours)

One of the following (3 hours):

PSY 123   Introduction to Psychology (3 hours)

SOC 123   Introduction to Sociology (3 hours)

Choose two more courses from the level listed above or from the following (6 hours):

ECN 213   Macroeconomics (3 hours)

GEO 243   Introduction to Geography (3 hours)

Natural Science and Mathematics (7 hours)

One of the following (4 hours):

PHY111/113   Physical Science Lecture with Lab (4 hours)

BIO 121/123   Biological Science Lecture with Lab (4 hours)

One of the following (3 hours):

MTH 123   College Algebra (3 hours)

MTH 133   Math for Liberal Arts (3 hours)

Health, Physical Education, and Wellness (2 hours)

HPE 112   Concepts of Lifetime Fitness (2 hours)

Biblical Studies (40 hours)

Textual Area: Old Testament (11 hours)

BIB 113   Old Testament Survey (1 hour)

BIB 243   The Pentateuch (1 hour)

BIB 313   Historical Books of the Old Testament (3 hours)

BIB 323   Poetic Books of the Old Testament (3 hours)

BIB 333   Prophetic Books of the Old Testament (3 hours)

Textual Area: New Testament (9 hours)

BIB 123   New Testament Survey (1 hour)

BIB 213   Life and Teachings of Christ (1 hour)

BIB 223   Acts of the Apostles (1 hour)

BIB 343   Letters of Paul (3 hours)

BIB 353 General Letters and Revelation (3 hours)

Practical Area (13 hours)

BIB 253   Christian Ministry (3 hours)

BIB 263   Marriage and the Home (1 hour)

*BIB 273   Introduction to Preaching (3 hours)

BIB 433   Internship in Ministry (3 hours)

BIB 443   Personal Evangelism (3 hours)

Historical and Doctrinal Area (7 hours)

BIB 233   Church History (1 hour)

BIB 363   Biblical Interpretation (3 hours)

BIB 473   The Restoration Movement (3 hours)

*Ladies choose a 3-hour elective from the Humanities/Fine Arts or Social Science/Human Behavior

New Testament Greek Concentration (14 hours)

GRK 112   Elementary Greek (2 hours)

GRK 122   Elementary Greek II (2 hours)

GRK 132   Elementary Greek III (2 hours)

GRK 142   Elementary Greek IV (2 hours)

GRK 313   Greek Readings (3 hours)

BIB 483   History of the English Bible (3 hours)

Christian Leadership and Management Concentration (15 hours)

BIB 415   Christian Leadership (3 hours)

ACT 213   Principles of Accounting (3 hours)

MGM 313   Principles of Management (3 hours)

MGM 333   Leadership (3 hours)

MGM 343   Non-Profit Management (3 hours)

Youth and Family Ministry Concentration (15 hours)

BIB 325   Christ and Culture (3 hours)

BIB 425   Spiritual Formation in Adolescents (3 hours)

BIB 453   Introduction to Christian Counseling (3 hours)

BIB 463 Youth Ministry (3 hours)

One of the following (3 hours):

PSY 231   Psychology of Human Development (3 hours)

PSY 313   Educational Psychology (3 hours)

EFD 233   Child and Youth Development (3 hours)


Crowley’s Ridge College currently offers four areas in which a student can minor: 1) Minor in Biblical Studies, 2) Minor in Business Administration 3) Minor in Education or 4) Minor in Christian Leadership and Management.

These are offered as components of one of the Bachelor degrees offered by the college. Minors allow students to extend their interest and education by exploring other areas. Students pursuing a minor in these areas should coordinate their faculty advising between their Bachelor program area and the Division Chair offering the minor that is of interest to them.

Additionally, a form—Declaration of an Academic Minor—must be completed and approved. Academic Minors are declared when the coursework for the minor has been completed by the student or during a student’s final semester if the course work related to the minor is being completed in that semester.

A minimum GPA of 2.5 in all courses for the minor is required. The Declaration of an Academic Minor form can be found on the Registrar’s page.

Course Requirements (18 hours)

Required (6 hours):

BIB 113   Old Testament Survey (3 hours)

BIB 123   New Testament Survey (3 hours)

Two of the following (6 hours):

BIB 243   The Pentateuch (3 hours)

BIB 313   Historical Books of the Old Testament (3 hours)

BIB 323   Poetic Books of the Old Testament (3 hours)

BIB 333   Prophetic Books of the Old Testament (3 hours)

Two of the following (6 hours):

BIB 213   Life and Teachings of Christ (3 hours)

BIB 233   Church History (3 hours)

BIB 343   Letters of Paul   (3 hours)

BIB 353   General Letters and Revelation (3 hours)

Course Requirements (18 hours)

Business: Any 2 of the following (6 hours)

MGM 323 Organizational Management (3 hours)

MGM 333 Leadership (3 hours)

MGM 343 Non-profit Management (3 hours)

MGM 443 Human Resource Management (3 hours)

Bible: Any 4 of the following:

BIB 233 Church History (3 hours)

BIB 253 Christian Ministry (3 hours)

BIB 263 Marriage & the Home (3 hours)

BIB 403 Christian Leadership (3 hours)

BIB 443 Personal Evangelism (3 hours)

BIB 453 Christian Counseling (3 hours)

BIB 463 Youth Ministry (3 hours)

Course Requirements (18 hours)

ACT 213 Accounting I (3 hours)

ECN 213 Macroeconomics (3 hours) OR ECN 223 Microeconomics (3 hours)

FIN 313 Consumer Finance (3 hours)

BUS 313 Legal Environment of Business (3 hours)

MGM 313 Principles of Management (3 hours)

MKT 313 Principles of Marketing (3 hours)

The Minor in Education is a way for students interested in education to explore various theoretical aspects of education and to gain experience working with students in a variety of settings. While completion of the minor does not lead to a teaching license or certificate, students who pursue the minor will gain a strong knowledge base in the area of education and be well-prepared to enter a teacher licensure program, graduate program, or career in the field of education.

To complete the Minor in Education, students must take a minimum of 18 hours from approved education courses. At least three credits must be taken in each of the three sections: Foundations, Human Development, and Pedagogy. Finally, six of the 18 credits must be at the 300 level or above. Students interested in pursuing a minor in Education should coordinate with the education division for advising requirements. 

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Jeremy Pierce

Jeremy Pierce

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