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Business and Technology

Undergraduate Program

The Division of Business and Technology offers CRC students opportunities to serve their community as highly qualified, accomplished, and responsible members of society. We envision our graduates to have a high degree of competence, capability, and integrity needed to be successful leaders in the business world as well as an understanding of the fundamental principles of the major business disciplines. Our vision includes instilling Christian values because not only do we believe in a quality higher education but also a Higher Power.

The Department of Business and Technology offers the following degrees:

1. A Bachelor of Science in Business Administration 

2. A Bachelor of Science in Marketing

3. A Bachelor of Science in Sports Management

Students not enrolled in the Business Administration major can choose to pursue a minor in Business Administration.  Business Administration majors also have the opportunity to pursue the following minors:

1. Biblical Studies

2. New Testament Studies

3. Old Testament Studies

4. K-6 Elementary Education

5. Physical Education

6. Psychology

Chat with an advisor to determine which minor is right for you. 

CRC not only helped me stay closer to God while there, but it also helped me gain confidence in pursuing my own business as a dog groomer. Had I not had awesome business professors while there, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to pursue this business. I will always cherish these professors for pushing me out of my comfort zone. If you are looking for a small, family oriented college this is the one.
Adrienne Stucker
B.S. Business Administration '22



Business, Marketing, or Sports Management


Minors are offered as components of one of the Bachelor degrees offered by the college. Minors allow students to extend their interest and education by exploring other areas. Students pursuing a minor in these areas should coordinate their faculty advising between their Bachelor program area and the Division Chair offering the minor that is of interest to them.

Additionally, a form—Declaration of an Academic Minor—must be completed and approved. Academic Minors are declared when the coursework for the minor has been completed by the student or during a student’s final semester if the course work related to the minor is being completed in that semester.

A minimum GPA of 2.5 in all courses for the minor is required. The Declaration of an Academic Minor form can be found on the Registrar’s page.

Course Requirements (18 hours)

BIB 113   Old Testament Survey (1 hour)

BIB 123   New Testament Survey (1 hour)

Two of the following (6 hours):

BIB 213   Life and Teachings of Christ (3 hours)

BIB 223   Acts of the Apostles (3 hours)

BIB 233   Church History (3 hours)

BIB 243   The Pentateuch (3 hours)

BIB 263   Marriage and the Home (3 hours)

One of the following (3 hours):

BIB 313   Historical Books of the Old Testament (3 hours)

BIB 323   Poetic Books of the Old Testament (3 hours)

BIB 333   Prophetic Books of the Old Testament (3 hours)

BIB 343   Letters of Paul   (3 hours)

BIB 353   General Letters and Revelation (3 hours)

One of the following (3 hours):

BIB 303   Christ and Culture (3 hours)

BIB 393   World Religions (3 hours)

BIB 363   Biblical Interpretation (3 hours)

BIB 413   Advanced Introduction to the Old Testament (3 hours)

BIB 403   Christian Leadership (3 hours)

BIB 423   Advanced Introduction to the New Testament (3 hours)

BIB 443   Personal Evangelism (3 hours)

BIB 453   Introduction to Christian Counseling (3 hours)

BIB 463   Youth Ministry (3 hours)

Course Requirements (18 hours)

Business: Any 2 of the following (6 hours)

MGM 323 Organizational Management (3 hours)

MGM 333 Leadership (3 hours)

MGM 343 Non-profit Management (3 hours)

MGM 443 Human Resource Management (3 hours)

Bible: Any 4 of the following:

BIB 233 Church History (3 hours)

BIB 253 Christian Ministry (3 hours)

BIB 263 Marriage & the Home (3 hours)

BIB 403 Christian Leadership (3 hours)

BIB 443 Personal Evangelism (3 hours)

BIB 453 Christian Counseling (3 hours)

BIB 463 Youth Ministry (3 hours)

Course Requirements (18 hours)

ACT 213 Accounting I (3 hours) (Fall)  OR  FIN313 Consumer Finance (3 hours) (Spring)

BUS313 Legal Environment of Business (3 hours)

CIS343 Management Information Systems (3 hours) (Fall)

ECN 213 Macroeconomics (3 hours) (Fall)  OR  ECN233 Microeconomics (3 hours)

MGM 313 Principles of Management (3 hours)

MKT 313 Principles of Marketing (3 hours)

The Minor in Education is a way for students interested in education to explore various theoretical aspects of education and to gain experience working with students in a variety of settings. While completion of the minor does not lead to a teaching license or certificate, students who pursue the minor will gain a strong knowledge base in the area of education and be well-prepared to enter a teacher licensure program, graduate program, or career in the field of education.

To complete the Minor in Education, students must take a minimum of 18 hours from approved education courses. At least three credits must be taken in each of the three sections: Foundations, Human Development, and Pedagogy. Finally, six of the 18 credits must be at the 300 level or above. Students interested in pursuing a minor in Education should coordinate with the education division for advising requirements. 

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