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We're So Excited You've Come to Crowley's Ridge College!

We have compiled a list of common references for you to use when you run into the common technical issues students have questions about.

If you have a question that is not addressed here, please get in touch with our I.T. department by filling out a ticket below. We’re look forward to helping you with your technology needs while you’re at CRC!

Student Technology Guide

Login Info: (Fill in your login info below)
Email Address:
CRC Email & Computer Password:

Do not lose or forget any of this information. In order to access a CRC computer, you must use the username & password above. You will be prompted to change this password after your first login.

Your teachers and all other administrators will contact you using your CRC email. It’s simple to access. Go to and login using your CRC credentials listed above. Be sure to put the email address in just as it is written above - Your password is written above and will need to be changed after your first login.

Login to Moodle using the Google tab to the right of the username & password. You will be prompted to put in your CRC email and password (the new password you set up after your initial login). All of your online courses will be on the dashboard of your Moodle account once you are logged in.

Be sure to check each class syllabus to ensure you know what is expected of you. If you need help with Moodle, contact Ashley Hankins at or (870) 236-6901.

You have unlimited storage in Google Drive. You can access this in your CRC email account. Once logged in, click on the Bento Menu (9 dots at the top right). A drop down menu will open. Click on Drive. This gives you access to storage & allows you to share documents with anyone who has a CRC email.

Your I.D. card is very important. In order to eat in the cafeteria or be counted present at chapel, you will need to scan your card.

Replacement I.D. cards can be coordinated through the Business office located in the Administration Building.

The CRC library is located at the Admin Building on the top of the hill. Walk up the ramp and go through the second set of double doors. You will have access to CRC’s public computers and printers in the library.

To use library resources and access external sources, use your CRC login information. For specific research database access, coordinate with the librarian. 

CRC students have access to public computers located in several places on campus: Library, Admin Building (downstairs), Science Building and Wilson Dorm Lobby. You will need your computer login credentials.

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