Crowley's Ridge College presently offers several developmental courses in mathematics and English. Based upon ACT or ASSET scores, high school performance, and prior college performance, a student will be placed in appropriate courses. If the ACT is below 21 in mathematics or 19 in English, the ASSET test must be taken to determine appropriate developmental course placement or the student will be placed in the entry-level developmental education course. Each required developmental course must be completed with a minimum grade of "C" and the appropriate exit examination taken before credit can be issued for that course.

     At least one developmental course must be taken from each required developmental area in consecutive semesters until all developmental requirements are met. All developmental requirements apply to part-time, full time, traditional, and non-traditional students unless enrolled as a transient. Psychology 112 must be taken during the first semester during which a developmental education student is enrolled, unless the only developmental course required is Math 063, intermediate algebra.