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In 2020, we embarked on our ambitious THRIVE Strategic Plan, which outlines, among other things, planned degrees the College will offer in the coming years. Included, are two current degrees that will be introduced into the virtual learning environment:

1. Our Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies (expected launch Fall 2022)

2. Our Associate of Arts in Arts and Sciences (expected launch Fall 2025)

As a private, Christian liberal arts institution we are striving to provide academic programming that gives students a flexible and individualized experience, with the same curriculum and educational quality our on-campus programs have extended for over 50 years

Boldly Christian Education Anywhere

The online programs we plan to launch are inspired by our mission to promote scholarship, service, and spirituality in each Crowley’s Ridge student. The launch of these two programs also couples with our interest in making education more accessible to anyone who wants to pursue a degree. This is particularly true for high school students who are interested in earning their first degree but cannot travel to campus and those wanting an in-depth study of the Bible but live outside of the local community. 

Crowley’s Ridge College will continue being a beacon of light that shines brightly throughout this local and multi-state area, nation, and world by increasing ubiquity of access for our premier degree programs. To get at this, our strategic plan outlines our intent to offer our Associate of Arts in Arts and Sciences program to students beginning Fall 2022 and our Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies by Fall 2025.
Dr. Richard Johnson
President, Crowley's Ridge College



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