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Crowley's Ridge College Applicants Are Unique and Valued

Scholarship, Spiritual Life, and Service – words from CRC’s Logo, which are still used on our Diplomas to all graduates. These words are further explained within CRC’s Preamble, Mission, and Student Learning Goals below.

Our goal is to identify future Crowley’s Ridge College students who will strive for maximizing their potential in scholarship and service while cultivating a strong spiritual life with those around them during their College years and beyond. But what does that mean? 

Read more about how we evaluate your potential in those areas. 

Someone Who Believes In Our...


The founders of Crowley’s Ridge College believed:

That God is
That He is our maker
That He has revealed His will to us
That He offers an earthly life of fulfillment and eternal life after death

Out of these beliefs grows a commitment to the pursuit of knowledge within a community of people who recognize God as the ultimate source of that knowledge. This commitment is expressed through the mission and goals of the College.


Crowley’s Ridge College is a private, four-year, church-affiliated but autonomous, coeducational liberal arts college, providing for its students a balanced course of studies appropriate for Bachelor and Associate Degrees.

While the College is affiliated with the Churches of Christ, students of all religious backgrounds are welcome at Crowley’s Ridge College. The student population comprises both non-traditional and traditional residential and commuter students.

The College is committed to a continual emphasis on the integration of scholarship, critical reasoning, and the spiritual dimension of life. Preserving a commitment to a tradition of small class sizes and a philosophy of open enrollment helps the College maintain a focus on the whole student as an individual.

Student Learning Goals

To lead and encourage all students to use their various experiences as students at Crowley’s Ridge College toward building a philosophy of life which is consistent with Christian ideals and will lead them into a future of service to God and community.

To develop skills in how to acquire, evaluate, and make use of knowledge and to solve problems individually and with others; to develop a basic desire for the pursuit of knowledge; and to prepare students to transfer for advanced studies.

How We Evaluate Applicants

Our open enrollment admissions process enables us to deliberately consider each applicant while also promoting accessibility in education. Our process also allows for a great deal of flexibility and the possibility for anyone who meets the requirements listed in our admissions page to enroll in college. This is especially important, as we deeply believe in giving anyone who seeks an opportunity to learn the chance to succeed. 

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