December 2020 Alumni Spotlight

Don House was a member of CRC’s first graduating class in the spring of 1965.  He was a true “Pioneer.”  He met his wife, the late Mary Jane Busby, on the campus of Crowley’s Ridge College.  He and Mary had two children and one grandchild.  Both of their children attended CRC.  Don has preached for a number of churches of Christ in Arkansas including, Strawberry, Grubbs, Black Rock, Hardy Church of Christ in Hardy,  and the Main Street church in Walnut Ridge.  He also spent several years as the pulpit minister of the Bristol Road Church in Flint, Michigan.  Don is a former member of the Arkansas House of Representatives and served several years as the mayor of Walnut Ridge.  He is the owner of House-Gregg Funeral Home in Walnut Ridge and Lynn.  Don is a member of the Crowley’s Ridge Board of Trustees.