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This year, Crowley’s Ridge College will provide students nearly $1 million in scholarship awards to make their cost of attending College more affordable. Scholarships are awarded for Bible majors, academic achievements, music, drama, athletics, and for a variety of specialized areas and needs.

Please use the link below to help CRC cover the cost of the current unfunded portion of scholarships awarded to students.

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Any program, project, or other area at Crowley’s Ridge College can be funded in part or whole with a financial contribution given as a memorial or honor gift. Many supporters of CRC provide gifts for multiple areas by sending a financial contribution as a memorial or honor gift, earmarked for a particular area of interest to the donor.

  • A memorial gift can be given to remember a loved one who has passed away by making a gift in his or her memory designated for general needs or for a specific program, project, or other area.
  • An honor gift can be given to honor a friend, mentor, or loved one at any time of year in celebration of a special occasion such as an anniversary, birth, birthday, graduation, wedding, or for achieving some other milestone or special recognition. The honor gift can be designated for general needs or for a specific program, project, or other area.

CRC will personalize an appropriate card notifying the person(s) of your memorial or honor gift without disclosing the gift amount. All memorial and honor givers will be sent a thank you letter and a receipt.

Please use the link below to make a memorial or honor gift to CRC at your convenience.

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The founders of Crowley’s Ridge College strongly desired to assist congregations through the work of CRC graduates. They envisioned CRC alumni laboring with congregations as preachers, teachers, song leaders, and mission workers. They knew many students would meet their spouses at CRC and begin their Christian families as they became active members in hundreds of congregations. Those dreams have come true many, many times through the lives of CRC students.

The Christian environment of CRC truly does change the lives of our students. Part of the reason for such Christian success is because of our Bible program, which now includes the five Bible related degrees listed next and a host of Christian experiences at CRC, including chapel, devotionals, and a campus ministry focused at touching the hearts of our students as they mature as Christians and succeed in all aspects of life.

  • Associate in Biblical Studies
  • Associate in Ministry
  • Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts in Youth & Family Ministry
  • Bachelor of Science in Christian Leadership & Management

Providing a strong Bible program requires financial support to hire qualified Bible and ministry staff, Biblical materials, and training. Please join us in contributing toward our Bible program.

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The Education program of Crowley’s Ridge College does an exceptional job of preparing our students to pursue a purpose in life, which is focused on helping them utilize their talents in successful educational careers while serving with integrity and excellence. Our Education program consists of the following degrees:

  • BSE Physical Education K-12
  • BSE Elementary Education K-6

Providing a strong Education program requires financial support to hire qualified Christian Educational faculty and staff, and for books, materials, training, supervising field placement students their senior year, and education related field trips. Please join us in contributing toward our Education program.

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The Business program of Crowley’s Ridge College does an exceptional job of preparing our students to pursue a purpose in life, which is focused on helping them utilize their talents in successful business careers while serving with integrity and excellence.  Our Business program consists of the following degrees:

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Science in Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Accounting
  • Bachelor of Science in Marketing
  • Bachelor of Science in Sports Management

Providing a strong Business program requires financial support to hire qualified Christian Business faculty and staff, and for books, materials, training, and business field trips. Please join us in contributing toward our Business program.

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Go Pioneers!!! One of our former teachers had such a booming voice as he proclaimed that phrase at our collegiate games. We are keeping the Pioneer enthusiasm going as CRC’s intercollegiate sports program, today, includes men’s baseball, basketball, cross country, and golf; women’s basketball, cross country, softball, and volleyball.

Through the years, Crowley’s Ridge College has gone from competing independently, NJCAA (National Junior College Athletic Association), ACCA (Association of Christian College Athletics), NSCAA (National Small College Athletic Association, NCCAA (National Christian College Athletic Association), to where we are now, competing in the NAIA (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics). We have made great strides through the years and we invite you to come join us and cheer on the Pioneers at any of our home or away games. You can keep up with the Pioneers at

As you can imagine, providing an athletic program that competes in the NAIA is a costly endeavor. Part of the reason we provide athletics is that students are activity driven. CRC has excellent athletes who excelled in high school sports and desire to continue competing. Every athlete is also important to God’s kingdom as we provide a Christian atmosphere for their continued competition, academic, and spiritual learning.

We need your financial support in our Pioneer athletics as we improve and maintain our gym, the Carter Activities Center, add a Pioneer Performance Center for strengthening and conditioning, supply our athletes with nice uniforms and gear, maintain our bus and van fleet, and travel expenses as we compete in several states.

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Please join us at Crowley’s Ridge College for our 19th Annual Bible Lectureship on April 7-10, 2019. We will be focused on the book of Romans and the theme will be “the Righteousness of God.” We have an excellent group of speakers lined up for our daily men and women’s sessions and our keynote evening sessions. A schedule will be available soon that you can download and share with others. Bring a van or bus load from your congregation.

Lastly, CRC does not charge for our Annual Bible Lectureship. It would be very helpful to have churches and individuals give toward the cost of providing this Christian event.

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The Choralaires and Ambassadors are both a long-standing tradition within the music department of Crowley’s Ridge College. Students try out for the Choralaires choral group each year and are selected from the Choralaires to also participate in the Ambassadors, a smaller group. The Choralaires and Ambassadors perform acapella hymns, worship, spiritual, and praise songs at a number of congregations annually. They also perform at senior care facilities and other venues during the Christmas holiday season.

Please join us in contributing toward the expenses of traveling, music materials, and music scholarships awarded to students selected for the Choralaires and Ambassadors.

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CRC DAY is an annual Sunday that we ask congregations and their members to support the Bible related needs of Crowley’s Ridge College. CRC DAY occurs at most congregations on the second Sunday in June of each year.

One hundred percent of the funds collected for CRC DAY will be used for CRC’s Bible department needs, including Bible major student scholarships, preacher training, Restoration tour field trip, annual Bible Lectureship, and Bible educational materials.

As a private, not for profit Christian college, raising support is very critical to our ongoing success. CRC is not included in the budget of the state of Arkansas as public universities and colleges are in this state. We must rely on God, and, on church support, friends, and other supporters in funding CRC’s needs such as our Bible program.

Please join us in contributing toward CRC DAY the second Sunday in June or by using the following link:

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Staying on top of technology is very important all over the globe and is a critical component of higher education. Crowley’s Ridge College has made numerous technology improvements to enable a more successful learning environment for our students in the classrooms and throughout campus. Installing fiber optics, creating multiple computer labs, purchasing classroom computer equipment, virtual devices, learning and library software, projection and sound equipment, and other technological improvements are a tremendous help to our students, faculty, and staff.

Keeping technology updated is expensive, but CRC’s IT department does the majority of the work, which helps keeps the costs as low as possible.

We encourage you to use the link below if you have an interest in helping CRC cover the numerous costs associated with technology, which directly helps our students, faculty, and staff.

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Crowley’s Ridge College is blessed with a beautiful 150-acre campus, featuring rolling hills with numerous pine trees and a small lake near its center on scenic Crowley’s Ridge. The campus has more than 92,000 square feet of educational related facilities and plenty of room for future growth. Buildings and facilities include the following:

  • Larry M. Bills Administration Building
  • Wilson Hall
  • Winters Hall
  • Natural Sciences Building
  • Jennie Sue Eubanks Cafeteria
  • Carter Activities Center
  • Joe A. & Wanda Hall Johnson Honor Housing
  • Charles R. & Wilma King Honor Housing
  • Tennis Courts
  • Softball & Baseball Fields
  • RV Parking
  • Physical Plant Maintenance Facility
  • Use of the Hillcrest Church of Christ for chapel and larger classes

Some of our buildings and facilities have been built in recent years, while others are a number of years old but have been well maintained and continue to serve CRC’s needs well. Annual gifts and an endowed fund restricted for building maintenance are both needed.

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The Jennie Sue Eubanks Cafeteria is a popular place at Crowley’s Ridge College as students enjoy delicious meals to meet their busy schedules in the morning, midday, and evening. We are happy that guests often stop by and enjoy meals during the week and many guests join us for Sunday lunch while school is in session.

Please join us in contributing toward the expenses of equipping, maintaining, improving, and providing excellent staff for the Jennie Sue Eubanks Cafeteria.

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It is very important to the board of trustees and administration of Crowley’s Ridge College to understand any area of interest that someone wishes to help support. If the area you would like to support is not listed in the above “Current Giving Opportunities, please let us know. You may have an excellent idea for funding an area that we have not thought about at this time.

You are welcome to use the link below to tell us about any funding interest that you have at CRC.

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