Publication of Transfer Policies

In order to provide clarity as to its transfer policies, the college has adopted a comprehensive statement which has been inserted in the college catalog and reads as follows. The transfer of credit is determined on a case-by-case basis. Credits from regionally accredited institutions of higher learning are, in general, accepted by CRC but each course is subject to a comparison of course descriptions to determine if the course is similar in content to a course offered at CRC before transfer of credit is accepted. Credits from institutions not holding regional accreditation are not usually accepted in transfer to CRC. However, in some instances, students may be allowed to “test out” of a course at CRC if they have demonstrated proficiency in a particular course and if the course description is very similar to a course offered by CRC. CRC does not grant transfer credit for “experiential learning” or for “non-traditional” adult learning programs. The college Registrar determines which courses are accepted in transfer, with consultation available from the V.P. for Academic Affairs, as needed.