Steps Through Financial Aid


Steps to Financial Aid Success

  • Before you do anything else, access the FAFSA application from NOTE: Do not use which is NOT A GOVERNMENT site. While you can get the FAFSA application, it will cost you money. THE GOVERNMENT SITE IS FREE.


  1. Print the FAFSA Worksheet.
  2. Apply for your Student and Parent PIN (Personal Identification Number). NOTE: This is your personal signature to communications and applications. It will be your identification for the rest of your education life.
  3. Bring together all information needed and fill out details on the worksheet BEFORE entering data on FAFSA website. NOTE: You would do well to include ALL colleges you would like to go to or might go to. By including all possible colleges you will avoid wasting time in your application process.
  4. Go back to the FAFSA site and enter the data from your completed workbook and send.


  • If you are an Arkansas resident, or a least one of your parents is an Arkansas resident, be sure to complete The Arkansas Department of Higher Ed.’s YOUniversal Application. The YOUniversal application will determine your eligibility for all of the state grants and scholarships.