Division of Teacher Education

The Division of Teacher Education offers students opportunities to serve the community as highly qualified and morally sound educators. Our graduates possess the fundamentals of constructivist teaching and a commitment to spirituality, integrity, service to others, and excellence in all their endeavors. We are preparing our graduates to effectively teach and to become leaders with the commitment of increasing the levels of student achievement within all types of school districts. The Department of Education offers a very personalized approach because of the dedication of our faculty and staff.

CRC’s Educational Degree Options:

1) Bachelor of Science in Education in K-6 Elementary Education

2) Bachelor of Science in Education in K-12 Physical Education/Coaching

If you think being an educator fits in your future plans, please make an appointment with one of our faculty members for more information. We would love to visit with you!

Dr. Hollie Goodson, Chair of Teacher Education

Kelly Gipson, Assistant Professor, K-6

Mason Buerer, Assistant Professor, PE

CAEP Information
Crowley’s Ridge Annual CAEP Measures
Initial Programs Accreditation

Currently, CRC’s data for  Measure 1 Component 4.1 and Measure 2 Component 4.2 is reporting candidate data instead of completer data. The EPP is currently developing an assessment that will increase the completer data for Measure 1 and 2.  This issue will be addressed and reported in the 2022 Annual Report. This data will be available in May 2022 for public view.