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The founders of Crowley’s Ridge College strongly desired to assist congregations through the work of CRC graduates. They envisioned CRC alumni laboring with congregations as preachers, teachers, song leaders, and mission workers. They knew many students would meet their spouses at CRC and begin their Christian families as they became active members in hundreds of congregations. Those dreams have come true many, many times through the lives of CRC students.

The Christian environment of CRC truly does change the lives of our students. Part of the reason for such Christian success is because of our Bible program, which now includes the five Bible related degrees listed next and a host of Christian experiences at CRC, including chapel, devotionals, and a campus ministry focused at touching the hearts of our students as they mature as Christians and succeed in all aspects of life.

  • Associate in Biblical Studies
  • Associate in Ministry
  • Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts in Youth & Family Ministry
  • Bachelor of Science in Christian Leadership & Management

Providing a strong Bible program requires financial support to hire qualified Bible and ministry staff, Biblical materials, and training. Please join us in contributing toward our Bible program.

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Written by Al Amin