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CRC DAY is an annual Sunday that we ask congregations and their members to support the Bible related needs of Crowley’s Ridge College. CRC DAY occurs at most congregations on the second Sunday in June of each year.

One hundred percent of the funds collected for CRC DAY will be used for CRC’s Bible department needs, including Bible major student scholarships, preacher training, Restoration tour field trip, annual Bible Lectureship, and Bible educational materials.

As a private, not for profit Christian college, raising support is very critical to our ongoing success. CRC is not included in the budget of the state of Arkansas as public universities and colleges are in this state. We must rely on God, and, on church support, friends, and other supporters in funding CRC’s needs such as our Bible program.

Please join us in contributing toward CRC DAY the second Sunday in June or by using the following link:

Give Now

Written by Al Amin