Graduation is Here!
Now What?

You’ve come far during your time at The Ridge. We are all proud of you and are excited about the future you have being a Godly leader in society. However, there are some administrative requirements associated with graduation that need to be completed. If you are about to graduate, click on the graduation application and submit the form back to the Registrar’s Office. See the requirements below and ensure you have all the right forms prepared for submission. 

The Path to Graduation

Graduation requirements are listed in the Degree Requirements section of the student catalog. 

A $50 graduation fee, which must be paid before final examinations, covers expenses for your diploma, cap and gown, and other items related to commencement exercises.

Customization for caps and gowns is limited. Decor or bling can only be on top of the cap with nothing hanging down or standing up more than ¼ inch. In addition, there should be no inappropriate language, nothing on the gown, and all customization must be approved by the Registrar prior to walking.

All students are required to participate in commencement exercises.

Class of 2021 Commencement

The 2021 Spring Commencement took place on May 8 at 11:00 AM in the Carter Activities Center Gymnasium on campus. The commencement speaker was Mark Watson, a Paragould native who graduated from CRA, CRC, Harding University, and has an MBA from Arkansas State University. He is married to Stacie Buck of Paragould and has two sons, Jared and Tate. Mark and his family currently reside in Springfield, Illinois, where he serves as Executive Vice President and COO for the Bunnomatic Corp. Mark’s first book, Joyous Leadership, is scheduled to be released in 2021. The book focuses on how anyone can take their story, refocus, tilt the prism to the light, and have a beautiful joyous journey.


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Treka Clark

Treka Clark